Rethinking waste feathers

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AEROPOWDER is an award-winning startup creating novel materials from waste feathers.

We are creating, using and disposing of products at an ever-increasing rate. In a world of finite resources, there is a need to create the products of tomorrow in a more environmentally conscious manner. 

Often such innovations can be inspired by the natural world. We feel it is time to turn our attention to feathers.



Feather-based products for a more sustainable future

Thousands of tonnes of feathers are generated by the poultry industry each day, and are primarily treated as a waste by-product.

However, feathers possess a range of interesting properties. Feathers are lightweight, strong and thermally insulating. So we believe that they have the potential for so much more.

Our goal is to promote a responsible future, where our urban environment is built from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

All thanks to feathers.


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